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Best practices on IPR enforcement for interested ASEAN enforcement agencies

This activity is aimed at improving the capacity of the ASEAN enforcement agencies to adequately enforce IPRs in the region.


The activity consists of identifying and documenting best practices on IPR enforcement for enforcement agencies in the region. Those best practices could focus on areas such as: interagency coordination; intelligence led approaches;  systems to gather, analyse and report on the scope and scale of infringements of IPRs;  enforcement support measures for SMEs and GI producers;  awareness creation initiatives, etc.  Those best practices would help ASEAN enforcement agencies in the accomplishment of their tasks aimed at securing IP protection against infringements of rights. The project provides for expert missions and a consultation meeting to identify and document such best practices.


Expert Missions 2013


Expert missions started in August 2013, with visits to the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. Further missions to Singapore, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Brunei Darussalam and Indonesia took place in October 2013.


During the course of these missions, an expert on IPR enforcement carried out field work in accordance with a program prepared by the ECAP National Coordinator for each country, holding consultation meetings with the IP Office and other relevant IPR enforcement agencies in the country.


These meetings targeted (a) gathering information on the current situation, needs and expectations concerning IPR enforcement in each interested AMS; (b) documenting best practices that could be proposed for adoption by ASEAN IPR enforcement agencies; (c) gathering suggestions concerning the preparation of draft guidelines or materials on IPR enforcement that could be proposed for adoption at the ASEAN regional level, and (d) gathering suggestions concerning a plan to foster IPR enforcement interagency coordination within ASEAN.


As an outcome of these missions, the IPR Enforcement expert drafted individual country reports for the interested ASEAN member states, followed by a comprehensive report on Best Practices on IPR Enforcement aimed at (a) identifying and documenting IPR enforcement best practices for the ASEAN region, (b) developing and improving guidelines and materials on these best practices and (c) supporting the establishment of interagency coordination among enforcement agencies. This included areas such as interagency cooperation, intelligence, enforcement, courts, customs, statistics, right holders and awareness raising.


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Best Practices on IPR Enforcement - Expert mission to SG, LA, KH, BN, ID  Link to News...


Consultation Meeting in Manila, November 2013


A Consultation Meeting on IPR Enforcement following the expert missions took place in Manila, Philippines, from 25 to 27 November 2013. This meeting was attended by three representatives from each ASEAN member state, including one official from the national IP Office, and two other representatives from national law enforcement agencies and/or members of the national court.


This meeting concluded adopting a number of recommendations regarding best practices on IPR enforcement that might be considered for implementation at the regional level within ASEAN.


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